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Aeration Fountain, Haverhill Golf club, Suffolk

Haverhill Golf Club is on the outskirts of Haverhill in Suffolk. The club wanted to provide some additional interest to a water feature which forms part of the eighteenth hole.

The club has had a long-term problem with algae growth covering the pond. Because the pond water had very little movement, the potential for bacterial build up and the resulting foul smell in hot weather was quite high.

Irrigation and Water were asked by the club to solve the problem. As main dealers for Otterbine Water Management products, we selected the 1/2 Hp Instant Fountain range of water display units to provide a decorative feature with some aeration. These particular units are best suited to smaller areas of water. We connected the unit to a new single-phase power supply, and selected the most effective of the 3 available spray patterns and adjusted it to achieve the desired display.

Course Manager Glenn Norris comments "Irrigation and Water installed the aeration units in August of 2010; they've been very successful in reducing the algae problem and in helping to improve the quality of the water. Also, the water feature has provided a focal point for the 18th hole".

The Instant Fountain forms just a small part of the range of water management products - from water displays to aeration equipment - that irrigation and Water can advise on and supply for your pond or lake.

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From initial contact through to completion of installation of a 100ft borehole for garden and domestic use, couldn't fault the service from Ashley, Derek and Andy the engineer. Now got an excellent scheme for our 1 acre garden and also serves hot and grey water in the house. The first pump was too beefy at 20 gallons/min so down-rated to 8 gallons/min and added a UV clarifier to the buffer tank. A very neat installation. Roll on the hot weather next year!!

Private Client - Woodton, Norfolk