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Aeration Fountain, Iver Heath, London

After carrying out a careful selection process, an electrical contractor decided to install an Aquamaster Aeration Fountain.  Through our close working relationship with Netafim, an Aquamaster agent, Irrigation and Water was the chosen contractor to persue the sale of the unit along with the installation process.

The specified unit was an Aquamaster 2 horse power Master series aeration fountain, with a Crystal Geyser nozzle display pattern.  The unit was assembled at the lakeside, and electrical connections made before the unit was floated. Once the electrical tests had been carried out the unit was anchored in two locations with the use of stainless steel rope.  The Aquamaster Aeration Fountain is controlled automatically with the use of digital timers.

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The team on site were excellent; knowledgeable, helpful and considerate - providing us with an installation of a water pump for our new bore hole and a de-ionising unit. Many thanks.

Private Client - Wetheringsett, Suffolk