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Agricultural Crop irrigation system, Royston Hertfordshire

A large scale land owner asked Irrigation and Water to quote for a replacment borehole, pumping system and underground main, due to the sale of some exisiting land which included an irrigation system. The quotation was accepted and work started with the drilling of a 12" diamiter borehole to 25 meters below ground level which was drilled through the hard chalk into soft water bearing chalk.  A 37kw Caprari borehole pump was then suspended on 3" steel pipework and the new control panel wired in and tested. The abstraction license was also amended for the new location.  Baker Hydro Solutions were employed to observe the test pumping and complete the paper work. The test pumping indicated that a flow rate of 50m3 per hour was easily achievable.

The next part of the project was the new underground main.  It was calculated that a 4" diameter main would be required and polyethylene was the chosen material over PVC due to the durabilty and ease of installation. 125mm polyethylene pipe was ordered in 50 meter coils and unwound on site, then jointed together in one long lenght via a fusion welding technique.  

Specialist trenching contractor Hugh Pearl Ltd where used to install the pipe work and back fill the trenches using their Maskenbrook trencher, this made easy work of the 1000 meters of pipework, completeing it in under two days. Wright rain hydrants where then installed and the sytem flushed out and tested with the hose reel irrigator.

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Irrigation and Water installed the aeration units in August of 2010; they have been very successful in reducing the algae problem and in helping to improve the quality of the water. Also, the water feature has provided a focal point for the 18th hole.

Course Manager Glenn Norris, Haverhill golf club, Suffolk