Irrigation and Water
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Bishops stortford Golf club, Hertfordshire

Irrigation and water were chosen to investigate the possibility of drilling a borehole which would supply a new water storage tank for Bishops Stortford golf club's irrigation system.  Baker Hydro solutions were enrolled to undertake a hydrogeological report, which indicated that a depth of 75 meters would be needed to reach the water bearing chalk that lay beneath the clay.  A G Brown drilling was contracted to drill the hole and after many hours completed the task.  A Lowara borehole pump was installed and the test pumping of the borehole was under taken.  At the same time a new steel water storage tank from Evenproducts was erected with a holding capacity of approximatly 337.5 cubic meters of water.  The borehole was then linked into the tank and a pulse meter installed to automatically allow 20 cubic meters of water to be pumped into the tank every 24 hours.  The decision was also made to move the exsisting pump house which was located on the other side of the course.  This would be located next to the water tank and needed a new GRP pump house and connecting pipework aswell as a suitable power supply. The project was completed on time and to budget.




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At Letton Hall we are happy to commend the team at irrigation and Water.  The systems they have provided for us work very well and they give us a very helpful back up service...


Daniel Pritchard, Letton Hall, Shipdham, Norfolk