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Brunel University irrigation system, Uxbridge, London

An existing customer to Irriagtion and Water Ltd enquired about the possibility of extending their already existing irrigation system.

Our client had in place a very efficient automatic irrigation system which was used for the irrigation of their football pitch.  They were in the process of constructing a nearby proffesional rugby pitch which would also require an irrigation system. The existing irrigation system was close enough for us to be able to design the extentsion in such a way that it would create minimal disturbance and interferance.  The extending polyethylene irrigation main was installed via directional drilling technique and the remaining via a moleplough.  This spur was joined to the existing system with the use of fusion welded fittings. Two automatic solenoid valve assemblies were installed in specific positions that would allow the use of two Speedyrain traveling irrigators to operate at once, allowing optimum coverage and performance.

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Irrigation and Water installed the aeration units in August of 2010; they have been very successful in reducing the algae problem and in helping to improve the quality of the water. Also, the water feature has provided a focal point for the 18th hole.

Course Manager Glenn Norris, Haverhill golf club, Suffolk