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Garden irrigation system, Epping Essex

Irrigation and water were contacted by a home owner who had given up trying to manually water his large garden lawn. Our potential client was in desperate need of a fully automatic irrigation system.  After a site visit was carried out we proceded in designing a system that would suit the clients requirements.

Our irrigation sprinkler and drip system was deigned in such away that would take much of the work out of watering a large garden.

One of the most obvious advantages is the time savings afforded by an automatic sprinkler or drip irrigation system. We specified a very user friendly Hunter system, with Hunter controller, sprinklers and solenoid valves, once installed, our system can be set to water at specific time intervals and on certain days of the week.  The system also had solar sync technology installed, meaning that the system would adapt itself to current weather conditions, allowing maximum water savings during wet weather spells, and increased watering during very hot conditions, all of course fully automatic.

Another advantage is that the automatic irrigation system is installed via a mole plough technique, leaving minimal surface damage and all pipe work is generally hidden from view, which means there are no unsightly hoses stretched across the lawns. Our sprinkler heads pop up to spray, and cover required areas only with their adjustable arc settings, and then retract when the job is done. 

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Irrigation and Water have always provided our club with a reliable, proffessional and efficient service.  

The repair work they carry out on the irrigation system is of a high quality, and the recent installation of a new water storage tank and pump set was excellent.

I highly recommend Irrigation and water Ltd.

Course manager Keith Rowley, Bishops Stortford golf club, Hertfordshire