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Leachate Transfer, Landfill site, Essex

Due to an upgrade of the leachate plant, Irrigation and Water were asked to design and build a pumping system to remove any leachate which would condensate around the plant. A simple design which would minimise maintance and keep costs down was agreed.  This consisted of a 2.5m3 storage tank, the tank would need to be bunded and this was sourced from Tuffa tanks in Uttoxeter due to the companys ability to design and build to a high standard. The pumping plant would also consist of a single Lowara three phase SHOE pump, Lowara float swithches and a purpose built control panel to control the pump. The system was desiged with a flow of 50 lpm and would transfer the leachate from the tank though 63mm polyethylene pipe back to the landfill, this pipe was fixed to the exsiting block work around the site to avoid any trip hazards.

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Irrigation and Water installed the aeration units in August of 2010; they have been very successful in reducing the algae problem and in helping to improve the quality of the water. Also, the water feature has provided a focal point for the 18th hole.

Course Manager Glenn Norris, Haverhill golf club, Suffolk