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Major housing developer, Borehole de-commision, Royston, Hertfordshire

A national housing developer took note of Irrigation and Water through its succesfull advertising and approached us with a problem that needed solving.  They had aquired land to build upon but needed to decommission an old redundant agricultural borehole before works could commence.  Our solution to this involed back filling the borehole with 60 tons of un-contaminated pea gravel in a controlled manor to prevent any bridging inside the bore to within four meters from the top.  A further two meters of bentonite grout was poured in on top of the gravel, the bentonite was then rehydrated to create a seal and prevent any bridging.  Then finally the top two meters of the borehole was exgavated to allow for a reinforced 300mm thick concrete capping, to ensure a safe footing for roadways and traffic.  Finally the environmental agency was informed of the works, materials and procedures, and the decommissioning of the borehole was passed successfully.

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The team on site were excellent; knowledgeable, helpful and considerate - providing us with an installation of a water pump for our new bore hole and a de-ionising unit. Many thanks.

Private Client - Wetheringsett, Suffolk