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As drinking water becomes more of a valuable commodity in the UK we are seeing rising charges for supply and delivery. Water companies are challenged to supply high quality drinking water for a rising population on a planet with finite resources. This means higher investments by these companies leading to increased charges to the consumer.

With these rising costs, there is an alternative your own private water supply.

Sinking a borehole and having your own private water supply allows you to make substantial long term savings. Water bearing strata can be found at differing ground levels in many regions of the country. Drilling a borehole to penetrate these formations can produce a reliable, clean, continuous water supply for domestic and commercial use.

Some Important Facts about boreholes

  • Have up to 20m3 of water a day from your private supply without a licence - that's 4,400 gallons!
  • The water is natural and untreated - no added chemicals.
  • Once installed you, only pay for the electricity cost of running the pump
  • The whole house/garden can have a constantly pressurised supply - no need for power showers!

If you are considering a borehole, it's important that it is properly constructed and designed.

At Irrigation and Water we use our considerable knowledge to guide you completely through this process, from initial survey to providing a formal quotation and providing you with borehole and pumping equipment for your sustainable supply.

For more information, download our borehole leaflet by clicking here.

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