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Drip Irrigation Systems

Targeted and highly efficient local irrigation of crops, trees and plants through pipes located in the root zones of large planting areas, delivering water, one drop at a time, to only the places that need it.

Studies have shown that around 30-50% less water is used through a well-designed drip feed system than standard sprinkler irrigation.

A slow and steady drip feed enables water to seep slowly into the ground, minimising loss through runoff and evaporation. A consistent supply of water means plants grow more quickly and are more productive as they are not affected by water stress.

We offer a number of drip irrigation systems, designed to meet the needs of both commercial operations such as orchards or poly tunnels or smaller scale, domestic arrangements. Contact us now to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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From initial contact through to completion of installation of a 100ft borehole for garden and domestic use, couldn't fault the service from Ashley, Derek and Andy the engineer. Now got an excellent scheme for our 1 acre garden and also serves hot and grey water in the house. The first pump was too beefy at 20 gallons/min so down-rated to 8 gallons/min and added a UV clarifier to the buffer tank. A very neat installation. Roll on the hot weather next year!!

Private Client - Woodton, Norfolk