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Floating Fountains

A healthy pond stays clean naturally. Ponds are individual eco-systems with foodchains of organisms, from simple single-cell bacteria, assimilating incoming nutrients. Ideally, the system works naturally, without a pond aeration system to improve pond water quality. Maintaining a balanced eco-system, until too many nutrients suppress it's ability to deal with them. When this happens, the high nutrient levels mean algae and other unattractive plant life flourish. Algae turns a pond green, and floating algae mats form fast. Weeds interfere with swimming, boating and fishing. Ponds with little movement can develop algae build-up, foul odours and weeds; the perfect environment for mosquito breeding.

An aerator works by disrupting the water's eco-system. Increasing oxygen supply, and helping boost numbers of fish and other aquatic animals. Aerators control weeds and algae too, improving water quality. They also make the water more suitable for swimming and boating.

Two pond aeration systems are diffused aerators and surface aerators. Each is highly effective, with pros and cons making them appropriate for different types of pond or lake. Irrigation and Water assess your requirements before proposing the right aeration system for your project. We look at the visual aspect, and whether the aerator should be seen or hidden. The audio aspect is important, the higher water is thrown, the louder the splash. The depth of the water is also important. Deeper water is more effective for subsurface aeration.

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