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Golf & Sport

Most UK golf courses and major sports facilities have an irrigation scheme. Many may only be only used for part of the year, but when needed have to work effectively. Any irrigation system should operate efficiently - assisting maintenance regimes, playability and aesthetics

Some original systems are now very old and as things wear out problems occur - burst pipes, tired sprinklers, control systems failing. We offer professional solutions to failing or ageing systems. A site visit assesses the extent of the problem, and following that our design team are able to propose solutions for repair, upgrade or replacement.

Irrigation and Water work with architects, designers, consultants and constructors on major upgrades and new projects. With AutoCad design facilities, GPS survey equipment and knowledge on the latest products and equipment, we produce high quality accurate designs and costs to your specifications.

As an independent business, we offer the most cost-effective solution for any project. We purchase quality equipment from leading manufacturers: Hunter, Rainbird, Toro and John Deere ‐ and the same goes for pipe and fittings or quality pumps.

Delivering goods at the right price is one factor. Obtaining the order and installing your system correctly are equally important. Our installation teams are experienced - our staff are team leaders; machinery operators who are electrically and mechanically skilled. All are as comfortable solving a pump or plumbing problem as fault-finding an irrigation controller or control panel failure. So, when we call upon experienced outside labour to assist in installation, the project is fully managed, making us flexible and cost effective. And giving you the best value at all times.

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At Letton Hall we are happy to commend the team at irrigation and Water.  The systems they have provided for us work very well and they give us a very helpful back up service...


Daniel Pritchard, Letton Hall, Shipdham, Norfolk