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Landscape Irrigation

These days, we are bombarded with TV programmes about designing and gardens and landscape projects. Almost every day, someone seems to be 'making over' or designing a garden or landscape area. We have high expectations of what our own gardens and outdoor space should be like. We visit the garden centre and buy a specimen tree or shrub, or expensive turf. Buying larger plants gives us the effect of mature planting faster - and everyone would like an instant, perfect lawn.

In the UK, we have changeable weather - even during the summer. And, drought periods spell danger for new plants and turf. All plants or new lawns must have regular watering to establish themselves. The bigger the tree or plant, the more water they require.

We have the experience and equipment to design professional irrigation systems for commercial or residential landscape. Using efficient low volume irrigation products, water is applied directly where it is needed, without wastage. Sensors detect moisture levels to switch the system off when it rains. Water can be sourced from the mains, borehole, or from roofs or surrounding buildings.

If it sounds daunting, it needn't be. We have designed systems for a few hundred pounds, to systems for very large gardens and stately homes, from parks and recreational facilities to motorway embankments. Email us for more details about how we can help you.

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From initial contact through to completion of installation of a 100ft borehole for garden and domestic use, couldn't fault the service from Ashley, Derek and Andy the engineer. Now got an excellent scheme for our 1 acre garden and also serves hot and grey water in the house. The first pump was too beefy at 20 gallons/min so down-rated to 8 gallons/min and added a UV clarifier to the buffer tank. A very neat installation. Roll on the hot weather next year!!

Private Client - Woodton, Norfolk