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Rainwater Systems

Reduce your water costs and supplement your main supply during water restrictions or periods of high demand by harvesting and collecting rainwater and runoff.

Take advantage of some of the UK's most plentiful natural resource by collecting and harvesting rainwater through guttering which channels the runoff into storage tanks for treatment and/or later distribution. Storage tanks can be located above or, more commonly, below ground depending on the available space.

"Grey" (non-drinking) water is produced and can be used for sanitation (toilet cisterns), animal drinking water, sprinkler/irrigation systems and more.

Our collection systems are efficient, low maintenance and reduce the human impact on the environment.

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Irrigation and Water installed the aeration units in August of 2010; they have been very successful in reducing the algae problem and in helping to improve the quality of the water. Also, the water feature has provided a focal point for the 18th hole.

Course Manager Glenn Norris, Haverhill golf club, Suffolk