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Water Feature Systems

Enhance the look of your pond and help to keep it healthy by using a water feature such as a fountain.

Visually, a fountain enhances the look and design but it also assists with the circulation and aeration of water, boosting the oxygen, reducing weed build up and minimises the opportunity for unsightly algae to grow and discolour the pond.

Increased aeration promotes a healthy and balanced ecosystem for fish and pondlife and can help reduce the numbers of mosquitos and midges.

On a more commercial scale, subsurface or surface aeration equipment for larger ponds, lakes or fish farms improve the water quality, boost oxygen levels and reduce weed build up.

Some aeration systems are more appropriate than others, depending on the application and we assess individual needs before proposing the best solution for your project. Contact us to discuss your project and needs further.

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From initial contact through to completion of installation of a 100ft borehole for garden and domestic use, couldn't fault the service from Ashley, Derek and Andy the engineer. Now got an excellent scheme for our 1 acre garden and also serves hot and grey water in the house. The first pump was too beefy at 20 gallons/min so down-rated to 8 gallons/min and added a UV clarifier to the buffer tank. A very neat installation. Roll on the hot weather next year!!

Private Client - Woodton, Norfolk